Silver King Non-Toxic Sanitization & Fumigation Formula

Are you using sodium hypochlorite for fumigation? Sodium Hypochlorite is toxic and corrosive. It releases nascent chlorine, which has a powerful oxidizing agent that is harmful to humans. Sodium hypochlorite on skin or eyes causes redness and pain. After prolonged exposure, the skin can become sensitive

That’s why we use Silver King Non-Toxic Sanitization Formula. This combination is non-irritant to skin. This disinfectant eliminates mostly all type of viruses (including Covid-19), bacteria and other microbes. These Disinfectant is friendly to both the client and our sprayers. It has a long-lasting effect. It can also be sprayed indoor on the floor, fabrics, sofas, furniture, carpets without worrying regarding discoloration

Key Features

  • Safe & Eco Friendly

  • Non-pollutant & bio-degradable

  • Non-staining & Non-inflammable

  • Long Lasting effect